Google Maps

This finally showed up on Google Maps:

Diaper Change

When Huck was about 1 yo, we were out in the driveway when Huck decided he needed a change. We looked up to see the Google maps car drive by.

New Family Photos, Includes ‘Baby Abe’!

Added here.

Huck’s First Model Rocket

To change things up from video games and plastic toys I picked up a rocket kit to build with Huck.

I settled on the Estes 1469 Tandem-X set.

We got the ‘Amazon’ (easy to assemble skill level) put together in less than an hour. The other rocket is skill level 1, and a bit trickier to build (glue is currently drying).


We’re hoping it will blow down over night. :(

Here’s a launch with the same kit (they used a bigger C engine where we used a B) :


Holiday Horror Movie Round Up

Over the Christmas and New Years break, I got to chance to stay up late and catch up on some movies in my ‘to watch’ list. Here’s a quick rundown:

V/H/S 2 & V/H/S Viral

I liked the original for its cheesy horror anthology appeal — nothing too heady, and mixed bag of short scary stories. The follow ups are definitely not better, but worth watching if you a fan of the original. 3/5.


On Halloween a coworker asked me what horror movie to watch this year if that was the only day of the year his girlfriend would watch such a movie. My pick was a toss-up between ‘Insidious’ or ‘The Conjuring’. I’ll be adding ‘Sinister’ to this list. Some pretty scary moments, though the ending was a slight (but inevitable) disappointment. 4.5/5.


A prequel of sorts to ‘The Conjuring’. Dolls are creepy, but this felt rushed, underdeveloped and too short. 2/5.


Scary as hell. I came across it and took a chance on it. The best of the bunch. Part ‘Grudge’, part ‘Skeleton Key’. 5/5.

Huck’s Christmas Concert


A birthday message for Huck

Sunday was Huck’s 4th birthday. A little over a month ago, we discovered ‘toy reviews’ on YouTube. There’s a lot of people out there reviewing new and old toys. Generally showing unboxing and how they work. Being that Huck has had an obsession with ‘The Trash Pack’ toys since the summer, we tend to watch a lot of Trash Pack reviews. His favourite reviewer is ‘Pixel’ Dan Eardley (he asks for his videos by name).

He knew he was getting the Trash Pack Garbage Truck for his birthday and had been watching Dan’s video 2-3 times a day leading up to the event, so I thought I’d reach out to Dan and see if he’d send in a special birthday message. He did, and it was definitely a high point to Huck’s fun-filled day. I can’t express my gratitude enough for him doing this.

Here’s a video of Huck (well the top of his head) watching the video for the first time, and thanking Dan.


Mike just wants a Pepsi

In the ‘news that not no one should really care about’ department we have:

Lethbridge school defends actions after suspending student selling Pepsi

Some of you may remember the Band ‘Suicidal Tendencies’ and their song ‘Institutionalized’ :


Well, I tried, but CBC didn’t approve the comment/troll:

ST Pepsi Troll


Pepsi Mike

Iron Tracker finally out!

After a busy summer, myself and some folks from Guelph and Mount Allison have finally released Iron Tracker.

Iron Tracker

It’s a tool for people that have been diagnosed with and are receiving treatment for Hemochromatosis. With the app we mean to replace pen & paper or spreadsheet tracking in favor of tracking right on your mobile device.

Presently it’s available for Android and iPhone (I implemented the iOS version).

Our website is

Katherine & Ice Bucket Challenge


I built an insane slide for my children

I got some scrap wood today and built this monstrosity called “the eliminator / the liability”. Toward the end of the summer I’m going to build a treehouse when I take down part of the barn, but for now Huck was demanding we build the ladder for the slide we picked up at a garage sale.

Until then, he’ll be flying off the end of it.

Quote of the day: “Mom, is this dangerous?”

He loves it though.